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  • Centro de Empresas Inovadoras 1, Castelo Branco, PT
  • +351 933 221 493
  • geral@allbesmart.pt
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Improve the management of your irrigation system and save water !

By using a smart irrigation system, the municipality can remotely control the irrigation via a web interface, save water and travel costs associated to the maintenance of green spaces.

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ALLBESMART installs and configures centralised solutions for irrigation control. The system uses real time weather information and forecasts techniques to save water. The municipal services can remotely control the electrovalves and the irrigation cycle, saving unnecessary travels to the city gardens.

Conventional water controllers have a stationary sequence (irrigation clock), which results in a huge waste of water, especially during the fall and spring seasons, during which days can either be warm or rainy. Changing the irrigation clock sequence means that somebody has to manually reconfigure the local controllers which is a time consuming task. Smart irrigation systems are the solution to this problem.

WiFi connectivity or 3G/4G

Weather sensors

Electronic systems that activate electrovalves

Web Interface

Download the use case file (in Portuguese)