remote sensing

Rapidly move wireless algorithms to prototypes.

We offer outsource engineering services to design and develop customized software implementations of 3GPP Radio Access Networks protocols.
We work across a range of mobile and communication technologies to accelerate product development using SDR test solutions such as NI USRPs.

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Detail analysis of the relevant 3GPP technical specifications and scientific literature
Implementation of 3GPP LTE or 5G NR protocols in C/C++
Implementation of high-performance signal-processing algorithms and protocols (L1 to L3)
Use MATLAB as reference implementation for initial validation
Develop proof-of-concept prototypes based on SDR testbeds (e.g. NI USRPs)
System integration and over-the-air trials
Interoperability testing with commercial off-the-shelf devices (USRP – COTS)

Open source software running on General Purpose Processors (GPP) can greatly simplify network access, reduce cost, increase flexibility, improve innovation, and accelerate time-to-market.

SRS-Software Radio Systems

OAI-Open Air Interface

Matlab toolboxes (LTE and 5G NR)


Coexistence analysis between 3GPP C-V2X and ITS-G5 in adjacent radio channels.