remote sensing

Augmented Reality (AR) application for remote training and maintenance of infrastructures and industrial machines.

The ability to see information overlays on top of the machines and infrastructures, combined with information from industrial sensors (i-IoT) and Machine Learning analytics, has the potential to completely transform the areas of industrial maintenance.

Allbesmart is working closely with several industries as technology provider to unlock leading AR technologies and Predictive Maintenance algorithms for more efficient worker training experience, faster, safer, and more accurate maintenance operations, while also increasing machine lifetime.

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A maintenance worker in a remote factory, can pull up to a job site with a pair of AR glasses (or a tablet), and have at his disposal every piece of information necessary to perform their task (operating and maintenance tutorials and procedures, schematics, documentation, logs, alerts from sensors, etc.).
Moreover, a Predictive Maintenance application can forecast the increase of defect rates beyond a given quality threshold and trigger early warnings also visible through the AR application.
We apply anomaly detection algorithms and machine models for predicting and optimizing machine runtime windows.

Requirements gathering and mock-up design
Development of the AR application
Create ML models and develop Predictive Maintenance applications
Survey the acceptance by users on the field
Fine tune the application usability

Decrease machine or infrastructure downtime by empowering the worker to achieve faster maintenance operations.
Extend machine/infrastructures lifetime and increase worker safety by minimizing improper operation scenarios.
Shorten the ramp up phase of new employees.
Reduce logistics effort by providing appropriate (and always updated) working instructions.
Reduce human caused errors during machine configuration and maintenance operations.
Cut down the waste and inefficiency of paper-based documentations and procedures.
Decrease on the defect rate thanks to the integration with Predictive Maintenance and anomaly detection algorithms.
Save time and money.