Mobile network operators (MNOs) need to constantly evolve their networks to support the connectivity demands of the modern societies. As the new technologies (e.g., 4.5, 5G) are adopted, they still need to coexist with current deployments (2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi), resulting in a dense, complex and heterogeneous network infrastructure. This situation poses new challenges to MNOs in the management of the radio access network, which has operating and maintenance costs implications. In such heterogeneous network, Quality of Experience (QoE) is a complex concept integrating user perception and expectations, network and application QoS, and context data. In today’s mobile market, customer experience is crucial to obtain competitive advantage.

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ALLBESMART has developed UXPERT, a framework to provide integrated quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) monitor solutions, dedicated to mobile network operators seeking to improve Customer Experience, Network and Service Performance. Smartphone Apps and small hardware probes are combined to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing and benchmarking analytics for voice, web browsing and video services.

UXPERT is a network analytics framework composed by customized radio probes (or a mobile APP running in a mobile phone) used to measure network KPIs and a complete set of analytics tools and dashboards providing heatmaps, evolutions charts, user experience (web, voice and video). It can also compute quality of experience (QoE) for voice quality, based on Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) and Web user experience, using World Wide Web consortium (W3C) recommendations. Through advanced machine learning algorithms, UXPERT forecasts network congestion issues before they impact customers experience.

Fully automated set of network benchmarking tests.
On-the-fly updates and remote configuration of radio probes.
End-to-end QoE measurements based on standards (W3C, IEEE, ITU) for Web browsing, audio and video.
Application specific user experience (Youtube, Facebook, etc).
Able to monitor and benchmark 2G/3G/4G and NB-IoT.
Decrease the costs of drive tests in 70%.

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Python, Android, Java, PostgreSQL

Machine learning